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How did your marriage end ?


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I was referred to an endocrinologist for some tests. My regular doctor saw something in my blood, so wanted it checked out. Ultimately it was nothing,So I looked on the internet for a specialist and a name jumped out at me. My wife (Helen) is in a women's social club for benevolent fundraising, and one of her friends (Carrie) had the same last name as this doctor. I looked on the club's roster for the member/spouse names, and sure enough, there he was.I thought the purpose of a social club was at least to do business with each other, sort of like networking.So I made the appointment with him, call him Evan, and showed up on time. A nurse took me back and did all the usual vitals.
The doctor (Evan) came in with his head down, scanning my record, extended his hand without looking at me, and said, "What brings you in, today?"


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