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Re: Despre parale ....
« Reply #2720 on: Tuesday 05 March 2019, 06:57:16 »
na poftim!  :laugh:

acum banuiesc ca n-o sa se agite nimeni militand pt ne-discriminarea barbatilor  :whatever:

When Google conducted a study recently to determine whether the company was underpaying women and members of minority groups, it found, to the surprise of just about everyone, that men were paid less money than women for doing similar work
Ms. Barbato, who presented the findings, said that more men were underpaid was a “surprising trend that we didn’t expect.”
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Re: Despre parale ....
« Reply #2721 on: Friday 15 March 2019, 17:35:58 »
Mai am pina sa l ajung pe fenderul cu deplasari la vegas si moscova.
Azi am ajuns pina in catunul janinei, la engineered air, de ce i o fi zicind asa n am idee.
Chiar daca nu m a dat pe spate, ma duc si maine sa termin amada aia .
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Re: Despre parale ....
« Reply #2722 on: Friday 15 March 2019, 23:10:46 »
discriminarea barbatilor

adica daca in trecut am disciminat femeia acum trebuie in recompensa sa discriminam barbatul ?sa vada si el cum este ?