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somaj canada aprilie
« on: Friday 06 May 2005, 08:23:45 »
Canadian employment increased by 29,000 jobs in April (Exp
+17.k), while the unemployment rate edged down to 6.8% from 6.9%. That"s the   
lowest unemployment rate since December 2000. Year to date, employment has risen
by 0.3% (+55,000). Hours worked has climbed by 1.4% in the first 4 months.     
    Full-time employment was up 49,600 in April, while part-time jobs dropped by
20,100. Jobs for youths (age 15-24) were up by 1,400; 25 yrs and over +28,100; 
25-54 +3800,; 55 and over +24,200. Employment of men fell 3,900 while women"s   
employment rose 33,200. Men"s full time employment rose 2,500, while part-time 
dropped by 6,300. Women"s full;-time employment rose by 47,000, while part-time
jobs fell 13,800.                                                               
     The unemployment rate fell to 6.8%. Regionally, unemployment rose 1.2% in 
Newfoundland and Labrador (16.1%), and +0.5% in Alberta (4.0%: more people     
looking for work), while falling slightly in the other provinces, except for PEI,
which was unchanged at 10.4%.                                                 
     Ontario saw employment rise by 26,000, with 59,000 full-time jobs partly   
offset by a drop in part-time work. Employment in Ontario is up a modest 0.4%   
year-to-date. BC gained 13,000 jobs, posting an unemployment rate of 6.1%, its 
lowest in 25 years. Year over year, BC employment is up 4% (+81,000 jobs), with
construction leading the way. Quebec employment was essentially flat for the   
third straight month, although unemployment fell 0.3% to 7.9%, as the number of
people seeking work dropped.                                                   
    Construction jobs increased by 26,000 (+9.3% over the past year), with most
of the gains in Quebec and Alberta. Manufacturing, on theother hand, lost 29,000
jobs, also concentrated in Quebec and Alberta. Manufacturing employment is down
3.1% (-72,000) year over year.   
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