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Re: Tot prin tara
« Reply #140 on: Saturday 24 December 2011, 05:07:49 »
Hiram is back home to his family in Taiwan  :happy:

After I finish cycling Europe in September, I bought very cheap air ticket from Switzerland fly to Canada .[/font][/color]And cycling from north Canada down to Vancouver, then when weather become get cold I fly back home. [/font][/color]During I am cycling in Canada , I still met so many friendly friend.[/font][/color]They always help me, give me some place to stay and food to eat.[/font][/color] [/font][/color]When I cycling in Canada I see the north light twice and also see the bear very close.[/font][/color]I am very lucky, because some people say it’s not so easy can see the north light.[/font][/color]And see the bear without any attack, by the way when I cycling in Canada , I still camping outside of forest, it’s quite very dangerous.[/font][/color]  [/font][/color]Now I am back to Taiwan , see my lovely family and take some rest.[/font][/color]Next year after Chinese new year, I will keep going my next trip.[/font][/color]The plan I didn’t decide yet, because I am free man. ^___^[/font][/color]Wish all my friend Merry Christmas and wonderful year in 2012.[/font][/color]Your lovely Taiwanese friend[/font][/color]Best regards,[/font][/color]Hiram[/font][/color]


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Re: Tot prin tara
« Reply #141 on: Saturday 24 December 2011, 16:14:07 »
Very nice : )
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