Author Topic: What would happen if every woman around the world refused to have sex for a week  (Read 2808 times)

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- Prostitutes would go hungry, or get fired from the brothels they work in.

- Most married guys wouldn't even notice, since many get it less often anyway.

- Floral deliveries would increase in the last half of the week, due to guys thinking they'd done something wrong.

- Gay male couples would be fine, going about their normal routines.

- Homosexual activity would maybe be explored by some men who otherwise would not do that. Price on all sorts of lotions and Vaseline would skyrocket.

- The overall agression of men would rise. Some guys would probably go towards raping women, unfortunately.

- Major developments in cloning technology, genetic engineering, virtual reality and robotics would be achieved. Virtual Reality headsets will be the luxury item.
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